Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price fluctuates and vary depending on the current Bitcoin to Usd foreign exchange rate. Due to its high volatility nature,most transaction are within a given time frame. In other words any bitcoin deposit or withdrawal usually doesn't exceed the time period from 1 hour - 1 day.

What is a Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin faucet is a place where users can collect various amount of bits or satoshi within a given time frame . The user must fulfil all requirements for a payout. The coins is sent to the user according to the stipulated condition for rewards. Some bitcoin faucet usually scam users by creating a false pretense of rewarding users after completing a given task but fails to give users bitcoins or satoshi. Most bitcoin faucet use third party micro payment system such as faucethub and Coinpot to store up claims and payout users when this accumulated coins reach a minimum threshold. In a nutshell, bitcoin faucets is a good place to get bitcoin periodically without necessarily mining it.

In general, a standard bitcoin faucet is configured such that, it gives users satoshi every minute, hour or day. Bitcoin faucets pay with respect to the current (bitcoin to dollar) exchange rate. This makes payout to vary on a daily basis. This reward is therefore termed too much or too little when received. Nevertheless other bitcoin faucet may increase this amount by issuing (daily, hourly or claim) bonuses. The bonus is done so as to maintain and/or reward loyal users that patronize the system. Nevertheless, all coins claimed may loose or appreciate it's value over a long period of time. So most fraudulent/new faucets tend to elope when the bitcoin value is high and won't pay users due to the current exchange rate. It is therefore recommended to use only tested and trusted bitcoin faucets that pay users irrespective of the exchange rate or accumulated coins.